Advocate Gender Equity & Equality for all girls Through Education  



Special Consultative Status to Economic and Social Council of United Nations (2006)  


Why & What We Do 



Why We Do

To Love Children  advances gender justice equity for girls through advocacy, education and public policy  

 Gender Justice takes in hand outcomes of gender inequality. Our mission, informed by the social determinants of public health, violence against girls, and poverty. Our integrated approach has three interconnected program areas

 Education - Advocacy - Public Policy

There is consistent and strong evidence which shows that:



What We Do

 To Love Children educates and advocates for educational  opportunities, provides subject matter expertise and contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, creates culturally appropriate programs to improve community public health, along with our Special Consultative Status contributes expertise to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. To Love Children attaches importance and seeks local community input and advice and advances education as a solution to break the cycle of poverty.



 Promote community education programs to build functional literacy for girls

      Advocate gender justice, gender equality, and education

      Educate on t health, green awareness, micro-business, and early childhood education, science, the arts

Collaborate with local communities

      Collaborate with government, private, and education officials to effect positive    social change

  Advocate for children rights base on the Convention on the Rights of the Child 

   Conduct workshops to educate the public about the value of girl education

      Publish books to promote literature

     Promote music education for all children

     Youth Based Solutions in which children and youth make decisions and take actions to help other  children all over the world

Mentor children by creating opportunities for youth to learn about geopolitical forces that shape their  lives.     

To Love Children based on expertise, best practices, and research, focuses on early childhood to higher education programs to affect the cycle of poverty.