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Tools for Children and Youth

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We believe in allowing children and youth the right to have and express their own voice. This is accomplished through the education of the girl child in the developing world. The teaching of research and critical thinking skills is necessary in order for children to become engaged in a social dialogue concerning their well being. We maintain that it is vital that children and youth develop the educational skills necessary to communicate in civil society.

Children in the developed countries can explore and learn issues of the problems of the girl children in the developing world through our child ambassador pen pal program. After learning about the many related issues that effect children in the developing world from this web site, it is possible with to take action steps to begin to make a difference.

Children and youth can publish their own ideas online that takes into account the needs of all children in the developing world. This includes all ethnic groups, refugees, indigenous children, sex, religion, culture, customs, personality or natural tendency and nationality. All children need to have their basic needs and education met and children in the developed world can champion these rights as outlined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Take direct action that is ongoing, practical and directed towards the education of the girl child in the developing world. Publish children’s books, do primary source and secondary source research, link with groups to take action, learn and use critical thinking skills in order to engage in the social dialogue concerning children. Explore the myriad of related issues concerning children such as: human rights, health, education, literacy, security, environment, clean water, housing, child soldiers, child slavery, sanitation and sustainable development.