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Tools for Community

Tools for Children and Youth

Problem Solving

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Critical Thinking Toolkit

Ten Steps to Action

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Problem Solving

Kathy Schrock’s Assessment Rubrics. Refer to link on web site for additional Assessment rubric models.

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Name: _______________________________ Date: ______________

Project Title: _____________________________________________

Essential Question: _______________________________________


Performance Indicators





Identifies a problem to solve





Studies the scope of the problem





Determines topic and states essential question





Uses tools to find alternative solutions





Considers consequences if problem is unsolved





Considers & evaluates alternative methods to solve





Establishes own criteria for evaluating solutions





Evaluates the relative values of solutions





Selects the most appropriate method to solve problem





Formulates compromise solution





Applies the proper method for solving problem





Looks at problem in several ways





Applies the process to new problems





Communicate the process to others