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Tools for Community

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Action Steps

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Missing Children and Orphaned Children

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Action Steps

Twelve Methodologies to help foster change

6 Billion People—1,729 Languages—190 Countries—143 Religions

  • Brainstorm: ideas to bring the issue of the plight of the girl child in education to organizations that support children’s’ causes, or are organized for children.
  • Collaborative Teams: to organize local schools to get involve and link with schools in the developing world with support of information, books and technology
  • Case Study: Write paper and submit to Newsrooms, Journals, Newspapers
  • Debate: in parent-teacher meetings, town hall, on the Internet
  • Drama: Have school plays that tell the story of the girl child. Invite local dignitaries
  • Campaign to write: letters to Non Governmental Organizations (hotlink to NGO list) to offer support and to volunteer.
  • Linkage of schools districts: with like minded districts through the Internet.
  • Annual UNICEF day: to promote awareness and to teach the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Use Halloween as a time for collection for funds for UNICEF.
  • Field day outings: where children visit orphans and children of need.
  • Poster Campaign: and present it to the City Hall.
  • Adopt a child campaign: every child or classroom links through the Internet with another classroom in a country less fortunate that the one they live in as determined as a developing country by the United Nations

Source: Richard Pierre Claude Professor Emeritus University of Maryland