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Tools for Community

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Women in Development

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Missing Children and Orphaned Children

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Women in Development

Help to Build a Constituancy to Support the Girl Child in Education

G.I.R.L. Girl International Resource Learning Organization is dedicated to help to change the status of girls in the least developing countries that do not have equal and quality access to education.

Our Mission is to provide: The basic needs of life as well as the tools for learning that includes; food, clean water, security, school buildings, scholarships, books, and technology.

We will Accomplish this:

  • By working with other organizations by cooperating on projects with our resources, expertise and experience.
  • Causing more organizations especially the smaller ones to work in closer partnerships.
  • Creating publicity on an ongoing basis to ensure that all over the world there is a call to action and that the girl child needs are met in security, health and education.
  • Forming a constituency so that our politicians and world leaders everywhere have the political will to make the girl child a number one priority.

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$25 –Membership $1, $5, $10, $15, other Contribution/Donor LOGO
(Book & Tape)

I’d Like to Volunteer as Web site___ Sponsor___ Raise Money___ Speak to Groups___

YES___ You have my permission to use my name/institution/school to create a list for the sole purpose of using to create political will for change. List will not have contact information and will be kept confidential.

All $15 contributions and higher comes with your choice of book or tape (link to pictures of book and tape) Cassette Tape: How Teddy Bears Find their Homes or Crystal Moonlight by David Kenneth Waldman

To Love Children International
1550 California Street #330
San Francisco Ca 94109 USA