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David Kenneth Waldman

To Love Children Educational Foundation

To Love Children, an International Educational Foundation For Children was founded officially on July 25, 2002. The foundation will devote itself exclusively to work for the education of the girl child in the developing world. Understanding the need to assist all children, economically, educationally, on health issues, environmental education, culturally and to provide for their family needs based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child a portion of the profits from the sale of children's books will go into the foundation. Through our international foundation, we hope to allow the world's children to have an opportunity to express their voice to call attention to the cycle of despair for children.

The founder has a strong background working with children. David hosted and produced a television program called "To Love Children" in which he interviewed educators and organizations regarding important children's development issues. His radio show, "Twilight Readings on Broadcast Services for the Blind" was the only radio show for blind children dealing with literature from all over the world in the greater Bay Area.

David Kenneth Waldman has been involved with children in various different ways for over thirty-five years. David was a baby-sitter in the Bronx for single mothers at thirteen. He was a counselor working with underprivileged children from lower income families from New York City at a summer camp at fifteen. At twenty-two the teaching of elementary school included his program to involve the special needs of children. Selling multicultural educational history textbooks at twenty-nine increased his international awareness. David has been writing books for children with universal appeal starting at thirty-two. And recently working with educational publishing companies he gave seminars on the importance of having with a focus on critical thinking in all research.

teddy.jpg (26787 bytes)David is founder and president of Rebecca House International Publishing Company. His first children's book Crystal Moonlight was published in January of 1990. An audio cassette tape, How Teddy Bears find their Homes which combines his original stories with accompanying songs. He has sold the international rights to a book he published titled The Changer by Tatiana Strelkoff to a publisher in India.

Through all his activities, our founder has been motivated by a deep concern for human rights, the environment, and sustainable development, the health and education of children. He has traveled to 40 countries in his quest for understanding the issues pertaining to children. He is presently looking for ways to work directly with children that will use his experience and commitment in more direct ways.