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children1.jpg (325559 bytes)The genesis of To Love Children International grew out of a television program of the same name in which David Kenneth Waldman hosted and produced for three years in the late 1980’s. In this show David interviewed educators, children and child advocates regarding important children’s developmental issues. His radio show "Twilight Readings" on Broadcast for the Blind network was the only radio show for blind children dealing with literature from all over the world.

David’s work on creating To Love Children International led him to Golden Gate University at the age of 44 years where in the summer of 2001 he obtained his masters in International Relations specializing in human rights for children. The culmination of his masters led to a thesis paper and this web site.

David Kenneth Waldman has been motivated by a deep concern for human rights education in order to break the cycle of poverty for the girl child in the developing world. The web site while focusing on promoting education of the girl child understands and provides the links and information to fully understand the broader implications of this important issue.

We at To Love Children International hope that this web site is the beginning of a new and more proactive phase of learning in your classrooms of the many issues related to educating the girl child. Discrimination and/or Harassment Policy

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