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off-arrow.gif (86 bytes)Abstract
off-arrow.gif (86 bytes)I.  Introduction
off-arrow.gif (86 bytes)II.  Review of Literature
off-arrow.gif (86 bytes)III.  Detailed proposal of a Education web site for promoting Girls’ Education in the developing world
off-arrow.gif (86 bytes)IV. How this project will advance knowledge
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Table of Contents

I Introduction

A. Problem and Its Setting

1. Problem Statement

a. Factors affecting policy for the education of girl children

i. Micro Economics
ii. Social
iii. Resource Investment Dilemma
iv. Girl Friendly Schools
vi. Labor and Education

b. Feminism and Education

i. Development and Education
ii. Non Governmental Organizations and Development
iii. Gender Perspective and Education and Development

2. Convention on the Rights of the Child

a. Legal Framework

i. Justification
ii. Learning and Technology
iii. Internet as teaching tool

b. Objective of Study

i. Personal Objective
ii. Educational Objective

B. Theses and Hypotheses

1. Thesis

a. Role of Technology in Education

i. Critical Thinking
ii. Lack of Access

b. Specific Role of the Web based Technology

i. Bridging the Digital Divide
ii. Student Centered Learning

2. Hypothesis

a. Hypothesis One
b. Hypothesis Two

C. Research Design

1. Solution Oriented Web-Site

a. Why?
b. How?

i. Scout Report Criteria
ii. Design Criteria

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II Review of Literature

A. Feminist Literature

1. Socioeconomic

a. Symposium on Girls Education

i. Grameen Bank
ii. Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee

b. Globalization

i. Mauritius
ii. Cultural Influence on Education

c. Gender

i. Biases
ii. Social Issues and Africa

B. Empowerment/Education/Development Literature

1. Empowerment

a. Education

i. Empowerment and Gender
ii. Lack of Power

2. Education

a. United States

i. Globalization and Education
ii. Education and Development
iii. Culture and Development
iv. Solutions

b. Africa

i. South Commission
ii. Macro Approach
iii. Micro Approach

C. Technology and Web Based Literature

1. Politics and Education

a. Pedagogy and the Web
b. Internet Technology

D. Summary of Girls’ Education connection to web based site

1. How Girls’ Education is connected to education web-site
2. Seven Steps to implement teaching from a web-site

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III Detailed proposal of a Education web site for promoting Girls’ Education in the developing world

A. Target Audience

1.Developed World

a. Barriers

i. Transformative Learning Theory
ii. Democracy

B. Features and Purposes

1. Overview

a. Design Features

i. Purpose One
ii. Purpose Two

b. Features

i. General
ii. Specific

C. Access Strategy

1. Publicity

D. Summary

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IV. How this project will advance knowledge

A. Interactive Approach

1. G.I.R.L.

a. Model for change

i. Awareness
ii. Paulo Freire

b. Internet Research

i. Knowledge
ii. Time
iii. Grassroots
iv. Literacy
v. Web Based Learning
vi. Conclusion

V. Appendices

VI. References

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