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Child Issues  and Research

National and International Perspectives

The following are a total of 125 different issues, organizations, non-governmental organizations, non-profits, research, photos, and documents, for the student to conduct further research. In keeping with the emphasis on critical thinking skills for students it is recommended that the student use the following as a starting point in their research.

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Abandoned to the State An international report by the Human Rights Watch on the status of children in Russian orphanages.'s Guide to Children's Rights News and information about children's rights including links to UN treaties and international efforts on behalf children.

Airline Ambassadors International Nonprofit organization that relies on travelers to hand-deliver humanitarian aid to children around the world, and involves youth in assistance and cross-cultural friendships.

American Bar Association's Juvenile Justice Center Regularly updated information about juvenile justice issues and advocacy. Includes a special section devoted to the issue of capital punishment as well as access to publications and juvenile justice-related links.

American Humane Association AHA works to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children and animals; and, to assure that their well-being is effectively and humanely guaranteed by an aware and caring society.

Americans for a Free Society from Age Restrictions ASFAR is an organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the legal civil rights of youth. ASFAR fights the voting age, curfew laws, and other laws that limit the freedom of young people.

Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions Information on working to empower young people and free them from acts of age discrimination.

Amnesty International Amnesty International is using OpenBSD for network firewalls and for Virtual Private Networks (IPSec) between its sections around the world.

Annosoor Assaghera (Young Eagles Egypt) a youth led NGO based in Cairo, that deals with child right issues and organizes leisure time activities and summer camps (member of IFM-SEI).

Article 12 in Scotland National network of young people, which promotes youth rights as laid out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Bayti Association Assists children in difficult circumstances for complete social reintegration. Branches in Essaouira, Meknes, and TÚtouan, Morocco.

Beyond Shoes Collects used athletic shoes for distribution to children and young adults in poverty stricken areas throughout the world. Multilingual human and children's rights across the world.

Brat Youth and young adult activist zine and organization located in Louisville, Kentucky, whose goal is to promote social awareness about and among youth, encourage community-based activism, and support independent, progressive cultures.

Canadian Youth Rights Association National non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of youth.

Centre for Europe's Children The Documentation Centre for the Council of Europe's Program for Children. Includes bibliographies and UNICEF statistics on European Children's Rights.

Charles Andy Williams Coalition A web site providing arguments that support Andy Williams being tried as a juvenile in the shooting at Santana High.

Child Advocate addresses the needs of children, families and professionals about legal and medical issues.

Child Labor in India Informational web site exploring child labor in India and United States.

Child Liberation Fighting for children's rights, toward the liberation of the child. (Provided in Esanol and Italian)

Child Life International, Inc. Non-profit Christian organization providing international humanitarian aid and medical intervention to needy children and their caregivers.

Child Relief and You CRY is an organization working to restore to children their basic right to food, shelter and education.

Child Right Information Network CRIN is a global network concerned with children's rights and offers resources, lists of member organizations, regional information and detailed analysis of numerous themes such as armed conflict and child labour.

Child Welfare Scholarly resources, including an online journal, Child Welfare Review, and information about the Oxford University Press Series in Child Welfare Practice, Policy and Research.

Childhood A web magazine for protection of child rights and its violations in India including information on prostitution and adoption.

Childreach A global, child-focused development organization. The organization brings help to children and their families in the poorest countries.

Childreach/PLAN Sponsors A growing information place for anyone who is a member of Childreach/PLAN International. Offers free stationery and gift ideas.

Children and Youth in Sustainable development is a document that addresses the role of youth in the promotion of economic and social development Agenda 21 Chapter 25

Children at Risk An international foundation whose mission is to contribute to the reduction of child mortality in Third World countries.

Children Have Rights Interactive and educational platform for children and others concerned to defend and protect children's rights.

Children in the U.S. The United States is one of only two countries in the world that have not ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Children International Dedicated to improving the health, education and overall living conditions of children existing in dire poverty.

Children Internationally Abducted NYC Inc. A New York based non profit organization that provides support, services, information and networking to parents of abducted children.

Children of Palestine Addressing the rights of the children of Palestine.

Children of the Storm A UK charity that provides material and educational support to young refugees and advice to schools with refugee students.

Children Rights Still Abused Analysis of problems facing African children and the abuse of children rights.

Children’s Rights Violated in France Addressing the issue of judges and tutors who harass and discriminate against children because of gender and religion.

Children's Aid Society of London and Middlesex Canadian Society dedicated to the protection and care of children at risk. They provide services through foster care, adoption, and services in individual and family counseling, and Mutual Aid Program for Parents (MAPP).

Children's Defense Fund Advocacy for American children, particularly poor and minority children and those with disabilities. Issues and programs include: Head Start, Healthy Start, Stand for Children, child care, health insurance, child safety, moral education.

Children's Hunger Fund Solicits donations of food, clothing, personal hygiene items, medicines, medical supplies and other relief materials from American companies and delivers products to cities around the country.

Children's Hunger Relief Fund Helps hungry, thirsty children and their families. About strengthening the family so the family is able to care for the children.

Children's Rights Alliance for England Information, projects, links related to improving the status and lives of all children in England through the full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Children's Rights Council A national non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents' marital status.

Childrens Rights Division of Human Rights Watch Eastablished in 1994 to monitor human rights abuses against children around the world. Areas of responsibility include abuses carried out or tolerated by governments and abuses carried out by armed opposition groups.

Covenant House One of the largest privately-funded childcare agencies in the U.S., Covenant House provides services to homeless and runaway youth. The Web site addresses both youth considering running away and their parents, and offers information and confidential hotlines.

Defense For Children International An independent non-governmental organization working to promote and protect the rights of the child.

Department of State 1999 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor U.S. Department of State

European Forum for Child Welfare EFCW is a network of non-governmental organizations concerned with child welfare across Europe. Site includes current activities, member information, European legislation regarding children's rights and much more.

Forgotten Children God Will Make A Way Ministries is a non-profit ministry designed to assist the forgotten children around the globe. We collect, pack and distribute new and used clothing for orphans and street children.

Free Student Press Free Student Press exists to build a multicultural movement of empowered student publishers and activists; and to assist all those students who face the day-to-day realities of an authoritarian public school system.

Free-Minds A non-profit organization dedicated to helping Children worldwide be free from hunger, disease and poverty. Focused with creating circumstances which give Children the opportunity to have access to an education which will "Free" their minds and allow them to positively contribute to human society.

Friends Of Salcia Foundation Trust A humanitarian project to build a family-type home for twenty needy or abandoned children in Targu Mures area.

Friends of the Orphans Provides support to orphaned and abandoned children in El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and the United States.

Helping And Loving Orphans Non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington USA. Founded by Betty Tisdale, the Angel of Saigon. Work with children and orphans in Vietnam and developing countries.

HRW Children's Rights Division The Human Rights Watch Children's Rights Project was established in 1994 to monitor human rights abuses against children around the world and to campaign to end them.

Hugs and Hopes Romania Focused on the goal to take abandoned children out of the orphanages and finding them adoptive or foster homes in North American as well as in Romaina.

International Orphanage Mission The mission for this organization is to build an orphanage in Central America where an estimated 85,000 children are left homeless or abandoned as a result of the destruction caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and flooding.

International Student Activism Alliance ISAA is a student rights group that has successfully fought for and won student representation on school boards and also addresses constitutional rights in schools.

International Youth Rights Action Alliance A collection of projects and resources to aid the youth rights movement.

Interview of Craig Kielburger Founder of "Free the Children," sixteen year old tells why children are important sources of power in children's rights.

Jyoti Children's Development Foundation, Inc. Founded by a professor at Northwestern University; helps support and educate poor and handicapped children in India.

Kip Keino Children's Home Organisation that enables about 100 children in Kenya to have a happy childhood and to receive a good education. Its ultimate goal is to become self supporting by generating income from farming.

Know Your Rights Everything you need to know about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. UNICEF

Libertarian Rock Fighting to repeal curfew laws around the nation.

Millennium Children’s Fund U.S.A. and international humanitarian relief for children in the areas of medical, literacy, child abuse, famine, AIDS, slavery, diseases, vaccinations, factory workers, female genital mutilation.

Mission Noah Providing education, food, clothing, medical supplies, along with other necessities of life to children and their families in need.

Mission To Children Christian organization dedicated to providing relief for children in need worldwide, both practically and through available media.

Morgan Nick Foundation A report on the Foundations work to recover missing children across the country and serves as a support team to families and a liaison to law enforcement.

National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association In addition to providing leadership for CASA programs across the country (also known as Volunteer Guardian Ad Litem Programs), the National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association stages an annual conference, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and promotes CASA through public relations efforts. National CASA offers consultation and resources that help start CASA programs and provides vital assistance to established programs.

National Independent Living Association NILA is a national network of public and private organizations, individuals, youth and foster parents representing all 50 states which is committed to the enhancement of independent living and transitional living services for older at-risk youth and their families.

National Resource Center for Information Technology in Child Welfare Improving the outcomes of children and families through information technology to State, local and Tribal agencies.

National Youth In Care Network A non-profit, charitable organization run by and for young people, aged 14 to 24, who are or have been in the care of child welfare authorities across Canada.

National Youth Rights Association Dedicated to defending the civil and human rights of young people in the United States.

National Youth Rights Association NYRA is dedicated to defending the civil and human rights of young people in the United States.

NCRA - National Child Rights Alliance Resources on child rights and youth liberation worldwide.

NCRA - National Child Rights Alliance Youth Rights organization with a focus on child abuse. Only exists in India now.

New Jersey Council for Children’s Rights NJCCR is a divorce reform organization advocating every child's right to two parents and their extended families.

NFANC Web site of the National Foundation for Abused and Neglected Children with a focus on juvenile justice, child abuse, shaken baby syndrome, parenting and gangs.

Oblivion A 'zine that addresses youth rights issues.

Orphan Care Aids orphan children around the world.

PanGŠa Street children worldwide resource library.

Peacefire Anti-censorware articles, essays, and investigative reports. Includes instructions and programs to disable content blocking software.

Pearl S. Buck International Bringing hope to children worldwide through health, education, livelihood protection, psychosocial development and adoption programs.

PLAN International - East Timor Appeal Working to rebuild East Timor and protect children by building communities through self directed initiatives.

PLAN International A child-focused, non-profit development organization aiding deprived children in developing countries.

Project KidSea: Sailors Helping Schools A volunteer network of private sailing yachts who deliver school supplies and relief packages to remote schools and missions.

Realistic Alcohol Laws for Legal Youth RALLY seeks to educate students about alcohol policy and ultimately lower the drinking age to 18 in the United States.

Refugee Camps Learn about the basic needs and life in a refugee camps, includes teacher resources

Restavecs Information on the 300,000 slave children throughout Haiti called restavecs who are sexually, mentally, and physically abused and at times killed.

Rock the Vote   Links to issues on education, health, environment, knowledge, free expression, your voice, money and much more, links, audio, current news, vote on issues, information to get informed in issues in order to make a difference in elections.

Save the Children Fund An international children's charity located in UK, working to create a better future for children, active in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Save the Children non-profit organization working to create positive, lasting change for disadvantaged children in the United States and 41 other nations.

Save the Children Organization that enables sponsorship of individual children in the United States and around the world.

Society for Children In Need Inc. Organization that provides financial relief to families that care for children/adolescence who have cancer.

SOS Children's Villages Offers abandoned, orphaned and destitute children, regardless of race, nationality or creed, a new and permanent home; and prepares them for an independent life. In English, Deutsch, Franšais, Espa˝ol.

Stand For Children A non partisan membership organization that works to give children the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated, and safe. Site has news, membership information, reports about chapter activities and a store to buy related products.

Starr Commonwealth Provides services, including prevention, enrichment, and residential treatment to children, youth and families in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Street Orphans International A non-profit corporation providing financial assistance to Hogares Providencia, a group of street children's shelters located in Mexico City.

Student Press Law Center Legal information for student journalists and educators in such areas as censorship, libel, copyright, and freedom of information. Links to other resources and internship opportunities.

Students Against Name Tags Association (SANTA) Opposes mandatory identification tags worn around the neck in public schools. Specifically Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida.

Students for Social Change Students For Social Change is a student run organization based in Silver Spring, MD that looks to advocate and preserve social, political, and economic justice. Students for Social Change encourages students throughout schools to form SFSC chapters to inform the public and to help bring about social and economic reform.

Tenderness Without Borders A private initiative to promote children's rights and welfare the world over.

The Child Welfare League of America The Child Welfare League of America, in cooperation with the state child welfare agencies, presents the nation's first comprehensive, interactive child welfare database: the National Data Analysis System (NDAS).

The Child Welfare League of America The Child Welfare League of America, in cooperation with the state child welfare agencies, presents the nation's first comprehensive, interactive child welfare database: the National Data Analysis System (NDAS).

The Free Student An independent, daily, online student newspaper, we offer original content and News Caught in the Web, a set of links to student-relevant news from major newspapers.

The Natural Child Project - Attachment Parenting, Homeschooling, Children's Art and More Working toward creating a World where all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding and compassion.

The Sunshine Foundation Grants the wishes of terminally ill, handicapped and abused children. Funded by public donations.

The Troy Foundation Inc. Raises money for children that are hospiital bound.

The War Through My Eyes Children's Drawings of Chechnya.

Tibetan Children's Village (TCV) A charitable organization located in India and is home to 10,000 Tibetan orphans. Working in hope of ensuring the survival of Tibetan culture, the TCV provides orphans with an education, clothes, food, healthcare, and a future.

Tibetan Sponsorship Project A nonprofit charitable organization promoting sponsorship of needy Tibetan children.

Uganda Children's Fund Nonprofit organization improving the lives of needy children in Uganda by providing them with shelter, health, education, skills and personal development

UK Committee For UNICEF The United Nations Children's Fund is dedicated to improving the lives of children, their families and communities World wide.

UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child A transcript of a discussion on children's legal rights in Australia.

UNICEF The International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

UNICEF Voices of Youth Promoting youth rights around the world.

United Nations - Children's Rights Report An overview of the child rights violations worldwide.

United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF works for the survival, development and protection of children, guided in its programmes by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. A very comprehensive website.

United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF works for the survival, development and protection of children, guided in its programmes by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. A very comprehensive website.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 November 1989, and ratified by all nations except the United States and Somalia.

US Fund for UNICEF One of 37 national committees set up around the world to raise money, advocacy and awareness in the U.S. for UNICEF's worldwide efforts in helping millions of children.

US Fund for UNICEF The U.S. Fund for UNICEF works in more than 160 countries and territories providing health care, clean water, improved nutrition, and education to millions of children worldwide.

War-Affected Children Information on the issues, dangers and challenges facing children who live in zones of conflict, from Sierra Leone and Angola to South Asia to Central America.

World Congress of Youth An international youth advocacy organization aiming to empower youth.

World Vision Christian organisation working in 92 countries helping people in their struggle against poverty, hunger and injustice. Provides aid and emergency aid and has child sponsorship programs.

YCLC - Youth & Civil Liberties Council A youth and civil liberties project sponsored by the Wisconsin ACLU.

Youth Rights Informational site providing information on the rights of abused youth.

Youth Rights International Youth Rights International is dedicated to fighting for the rights of youth everywhere through legislative advocacy, media exposure, public education efforts, protests, and other activities.

Youth Rights Resources Information and discussions regarding the rights of young people.

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