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Child Related Issues

Below is a list of links to web sites about various children's and child rights issues. Or go directly to: ChildWatch International Research Network the source of the links and is an excellent tool for issues concerning children.

Children's House
Childwatch International has together with a number of international organisations established Children's House in Cyberspace, an electronic meeting place for professionals working with and for children. Here you get information on children's rights, training, conferences, and other relevant resources.

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)
The Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) is a membership-driven organisation and network of over 1,000 child rights organisations around the world. The site offers extensive information on a vaste number of child rights topics.

Eldis Children's Guide
Useful links to policy research organisations within the child rights field.

Make friends with kids from all over the world. In twenty different languages with teacher, kid and parent activities with links to projects and, NGO’s . Fun site for kids.

The Hague Declaration of Parliamentarians
On ICPD Review The Hague, Netherlands 6 February 1999 English and Español Plan of action on population control.

Institute for the Africa Child
Symposium for African Children

Soroptimist International
A global voice and a global vision, endorses the UN Platform for Action of Beijing 1995.


Children in Adversity - Consultation website
On 9th - 12th September 2000, the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford and the Centre for Child-Focused Anthropological Research at Brunel University, hosted an International Consultation on 'Children in Adversity' in Oxford. The commitment of the event was to child protection in situations of extreme adversity.

CRIN's Child Labour desk
CRIN's page on child labour is informative and extensive, containing information on the ILO Convention, the CRC and other conventions and international treaties, policy and briefing papers and the names and contact details of organisations involved with child labour.

GlobalMarch Against Child Labor. In the Girl Child section studies show that boys are favored over girls by 8% in Uttar Pradesh.

Education Policy of GlobalMarch
Elimination of child labor.

International Child Labor Program
The International Child Labor Program is part of the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB). Includes information about child labour, ILO Conventions, and projects, publication lists, and links.

International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour
ILO's page on the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) is an extensive site offering facts and figures on child labour, as well as on IPEC and its initiatives. There is also a list of IPEC publications and documents.

The Concerned for Working Children
An organisation which works to support the cause of working children and believes solutions should be child centered and in the best interest of working children. The site contains pages on research, interventions, analysis of the proposed new ILO convention on child labour, and current debates.


FWCW Platform for Action: The Girl Child Womenwatch, the UN Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women, includes a Platform for Action specific to the girl child, starting with a diagnosis and followed by a number of strategic objectives. Fourth World Conference on Women,
Beijing 1995

The "World Fit for Children" document gives the impression that the rights of children are gender-neutral which they are not. · Both the World Summit for Children in 1990 and the Beijing Platform for Action" endorsed that special attention to the situation of girls. · Examples of circumstances in which girls are particularly vulnerable to violations of their human rights are found at this site.

Girl-Child is hosted by WomenWatch
United Nations.  Equal Education for Girls

Working Group on Girls
The site of the NGO Working Groups on Girls contains information on girls situation, a list of the WGG member organisations, and news.

U.S. Dept of State International Information Programs. The Girl Child Eliminate all forms of discrimination against the girl-child; enact and enforce appropriate legislation that guarantees equal right to succession and ensures equal right to inherit, regardless of the sex of the child; Eliminate negative cultural attitudes and practices against girls; Eliminate discrimination against girls in education, skills development and training; Eliminate discrimination against girls in health and nutrition; Eliminate the economic exploitation of child labour and protect young girls at work; Strengthen the role of the family in improving the status of the girl-child.

Voices of Youth, UNICEF
Voices of Youth is UNICEF's initatiative to an electronic discussion about children's conditions in the future. Young people are encouraged to take part in discussions on several topics, of which the girl child is one.

EXPLORE THE GIRL CHILD: Discrimination against girls poses risks at each stage of their path through life. Click on a point on the path, or use the text menu to jump to any point on the path.

FORWARD - Foundation for Women's Health, Research and Development
FORWARD was founded to promote good reproductive health among African women and their children in the United Kingdom and Africa, and is a leading voluntary organisation in the United Kingdom working to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The site offers information on FGM, and on FORWARD, and contains a number of FGM related web sites.

Rising Daughters Aware
This organisation addresses FGM primarily as a health issue, and offers information and services to FGM affected women, their doctors and others who come into contact with the issue. The site provides medical and health articles, legal texts and information, and other pieces of information.

Research, Action and Information Network for the Bodily Integrity of Women
RAINBO is an organisation working on issues within the intersection between health and human rights of women, and its ultimate goal is to promote and protect the reproductive and sexual health and rights of women and girls. Information on programs is provided, as well as a publications list with an ordering possiblity.

The Peoples Movement for Human Rights Education

Human Rights and the girl child
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Working to Empower Women. The rights of the girl child and increase awareness of her needs and potential. Eliminate discrimination against girls in education

Children and Economics: a site by Rädda Barnen (Save the Children Sweden)
This site is devoted to information on initatives and research concerning children and economics, and also has a search engine. There is also a searchable literature bank.

Child Abuse Prevention Network
The site, launched by the Family and Life Development Center, a Childwatch International Key Institution, provides extensive information on child abuse and neglect.

CRIN's Desk for initatitives against the sexual exploitation of children
Policy, briefings, reports and publications within the area of sexual abuse of children are presented. There is also a section with and information on current initiatives and activities. Moreover, the page refers to many useful links

ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornopraphy and Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes) is a global network of organisations and individuals working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. The web site informs thoroughly on the organisation's projects. There is also contact details to all ECPAT offices around the world.

National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN)
The National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect is a project of the Childwatch Key Institution Family Life Development Center, Cornell University (USA). The primary activity of the Archive is the acquisition, preservation, and dissemination of high quality datasets relevant to the study of child abuse and neglect.

Centre for International Child Health (CICH)
The Centre for International Child Health (CICH) at the Institute of Child Health, University College London, works to promote the health, nutrition, and welfare of children and their families in less developed countries by research, teaching, consultancy and advocacy. The site contains information about research programmes, education and publication lists.

Child and Family Canada
A site hosted by fifty Canadian organisations, providing resources in child care and health issues including current Canadian early childhood research.

CRIN's Desk on the Rights of Children with HIV/AIDS
This page includes a number of policy and briefing papers on the rights of children with HIV/AIDS. There is also a publications list, a news section and several links to related sites.

lobal Childnet
The site offers child health related on-line services, including biographical and organisational databases and other information on issues related to the well-being of children.

INCHES - the International Research and Information Network on Children's Health, Environment and Safety is a global network of people and organisations interested in promoting the protection of children from environmental and safety hazards. INCHES is also a Childwatch International project.

aGraça Machel Report
In 1994, Graça Machel's reputation as an educator and children's champion led United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali to name her the Expert in charge of producing a ground-breaking report on the impact of armed conflict on children. The report was requested in late 1993 by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and the General Assembly.

Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers
The Coalition is made up of a number of NGOs, including Save the Children Alliance, Amnesty International, Defence for Children International, and Human Rights Watch. The site includes documents on child soldiers, country case studies, treaties and resolutions, and information on conferences, events and publications.

Children of War
Children of War is a newsletter on child soldiers from Rädda Barnen – Save the Children Sweden, with four issues a year for the purpose of campaigning against the use of child soldiers. It is available on the net but also in email and paper version, in both English and Spanish.

Olara A. Otunnu - Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict
An information site on UN's Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, with information on Olara A. Otunnu's work and achievements.

The Children and Armed Conflict Unit, University of Essex
The Children and Armed Conflict Unit is based at the University of Essex, UK. The focus is on civilian children, and the main aim is to improve the situation for children in areas of armed conflict through the protection and recognition of children's rights. The Unit also provides a mailing list.

Children and War, OneWorld
OneWorld's page on children and war contains a number of reports, articles and other documents.

CRIN's Desk on Children in Armed Conflict and Displacement
This CRIN page offers fulls text of policy statements, briefings and reports on children in armed conflict and displacement, as well as information on relevant publications and links to other sites.

OECD Early Childhood page
This OECD site informs about the Thematic Review of Early Childhood Education and Care Policy - a comparative study in twelve OECD member countries. A couple of background reports and country notes are available in pdf format.

Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood
Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood is an online, international research journal focusing in particular on postmodern and postcolonial approaches, queer theory, sociology of childhood, alternative viewpoints of child development.

Casa-Alianza is an organisation committed to the rehabilitation and defense of street children in Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua. Their extensive site informes about the situation and conditions of street children, and the human rights violations they are subject to. There is a frequently updated news section, online reports and a "Child Info Resource Center" with searchable databases. Moreover, a section called "Children Speak Out" provides street children's own stories. New feature now offers video.

PANGAEA Street Children - Community Children Worldwide Resource Library
The site includes a large number of articles dealing with street children, as well as a large list of organisations working with and on behalf of street children community children. The links and resources part includes information on publications and web links.

STREETKIDS electronic forum and resources centre
STREETKIDS is a dynamic international ecumenical discussion forum and resources centre open to current and former street children / youth; and those interested in promoting awareness of the harsh realities of street children/adolescents and other young people at risk world-wide. Primary focuses includes: increasing the knowledge of the realities in specific countries; the development of inter-active training courses with street youth and streetworkers; sharing of experiences and resources in the fields of street youth-led relationship programming, social, justice and peace issues, youth ministries; along with highlighting of burning issues and current international developments.

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.
The legal rights of homeless children in the United States

International Youth Foundation
The International Youth Foundation (IYF) is an independent, international NGO. The site includes information on youth development and youth participation, with a number of downloadable papers and articles.

Nordic Youth Research Information
Nordic Youth Information (NYRI) is the general organisation of a range of networking activities and information systems for youth research in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway). The web site contains information on for example Nordic youth research conferences, as well as a searchable literature data base.

eCRIN's Desk on the rights of children with disabilities
CRIN's page on the rights of children with disabilities includes full texts of policy and briefings and reports on the Rights of children with disabilities, a publication list, and links.

Press Wise
Press Wise is a UK-based media ethics charity providing advice, information, research and training on media ethics. On the web site, several projects on children and media are presented.

The official UN information on the Special Session on Children, September 2001.

CRIN's theme desk on the Special Session on Children.

Acción por los niños, Peru
Barnardo's, UK


Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)

A list of the CRIN member organisations

Defence for Children International

European Network of Ombudsmen for Children (ENOC)

Human Rights Watch - Children's Rights Division

Plan International

International Save the Children Alliance


The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the other five major human rights treaties - making the inks
This on-line hypertext document published by Save the Children UK, is a cross-referencing tool, linking the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) to the five other "core" treaties of international human rights law.

CRIN information on the CRC

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

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